rac 2 018Laying cable under a city street through traditional means requires trenches that may be several feet wide and deep, often creating traffic detours for days, if not weeks, at a time. The cost of  conventional digging methods can be expensive.  That’s where Slimlines Trenching comes in!   Established in 2009, Slimlines Trenching is Caymanian owned and operated company providing fast and efficient services specializing in Micro Trenching, along with a range of other services.

Slimlines Trenching was one of the first companies in the world to use the micro-trenching technique which involves cutting a sub-inch trench and laying vertical inlaid conduit.  We also offer Open Trenching up to 36″ deep by 12′ wide.

Micro Trenching technology involves the creation of a shallow trench in the sidewalk or street asphalt.  Using this method, a crew can lay 250 to 600 feet of conduit per day.  In addition, the potential interruption of traffic flow is relatively minimal. The expense amounts to a fraction of the cost of conventional trenching techniques depending upon the size of the project.

There are other advantages that could be even more valuable than the actual cost savings involved.  Micro Trenching projects potentially reduce the red tape and save significant amounts of time, when compared to traditional street trenching projects. Surveying and permitting may take less time for a Micro Trenching job, as opposed to a traditional trenching project.

Slimlines Trenching is the authorized distributor for EZ Street Asphalt  which is widely used in the US and has recently been granted HASPAS certification in the United Kingdom.  Additionally, Slimlines Trenching is the authorized distributor for TeraSpan products which supplies the vertical in-laid conduit and equipment to install the conduit and  fiber used in the installations.
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