Slimlines Trenching was one of the first companies in the world to use the micro-trenching technique which involves cutting a sub-inch trench and laying vertical inlaid conduit. It was formed after Logic Communications, a telecommunications company operating in the Cayman Islands,  approached Richard Corbin with a challenge to identify a method of laying fiber optic cable in George Town during the moratorium on traditional trenching.   Richard, who had been the person responsible for technical operations for another telecommunications company, was intrigued by the challenge and soon started Slimlines Trenching Ltd.

Established in 2009, Slimlines Trenching is a wholly Caymanian owned and operated company and employs a team of seven.  Slimlines Trenching introduced Microtrenching and vertical inlaid conduit to the Cayman Islands.  This innovative technique allows for trenching as thin as 0.75″  to a depth of 12″.   Creating thinner tenches equals a much smaller impact on existing roadwork and landscaping.   The natural result of a less invasive form of trenching = less post- trenching repair and less cost to the customer.

Additionally the company has the capability to do traditional trenching which allows for trenches to be 4″ to as wide as 12″ and to a depth up to 36″.  Excavation of larger trenches can be undertaken if required.

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